Early Childhood Center

Providing a safe and learning environment for children ages newborn to Preschool for over 40 years!

Infant/Toddler Philosophy

Gilead Christian Infant/Toddler Program strives to provide a healthy, safe, and thoroughly Christian atmosphere in which children can mature socially, spiritually, and physically. It is our desire to know, understand and treat each child as a unique child of God. Furthermore, we want to help each child understand themselves and how to properly express themselves as they experience God’s world. Games and fun activities are used daily for growth in small and large motor skill development as well as enriching activities to foster the exploration of God’s creation. Reading and music are used frequently throughout the day to encourage the development of communication, and imagination as well as for our encouragement in our role as beings to worship our Lord and Savior.

Our ultimate desire is for each child to feel wanted, understood, safe and loved in the hope that they will grow as Jesus did, “…in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

Staff/Child Ratios

Infant 1:4 (0 - 12 months)
Infant 1:6 (12 - 18 months)
Toddler 1:7 (18 - 36 months)


Preschool Philosophy

Gilead Christian School believes that Early Education should consist of more than a playtime experience. Furthermore, three, four and five year olds do not thrive well in a tightly structured classroom setting. The Gilead Christian Preschool Program is an activity-centered environment where the children learn through age-appropriate learning centers in small classroom settings.

We desire for children to leave the preschool years with a strong sense of security, healthy self-esteem, enthusiasm for living, enthusiasm for learning, self-discipline, appreciation and respect for others and an appreciation and respect for God and the Church. Our goal is to provide a school readiness program immersed in a stimulating social, moral and spiritual atmosphere.

Staff/Child Ratios

Preschool: 1:12

Preschool Curriculum

The Early Childhood Program uses the nationally accredited Creative Curriculum, in addition to, the handwriting curriculum that the Gilead Christian Preschool staff has developed. This curriculum is aligned with the current Ohio Department of Education state standards. The Creative Curriculum is founded on teaching principals that are diverse for students, just as the students here are all diverse. We do not all fit into a perfect box; therefore; we do not teach as if all children are created equal. The Creative Curriculum focuses on the children and their actions within the environment, as well as their actions with their peers and teachers. It provides children with a learning technique that helps them play while learning. In addition to the theory and research, the Creative Curriculum uses 5 areas of framework: How Children Develop and Learn, The Learning Environment, What Children Learn, Caring and Teaching, and Partnering with Families.

The Gilead Christian Preschool curriculum is being developed yearly by the Gilead Christian School Preschool staff. This area of the curriculum uses worksheets that are aligned with the state standards and the Creative Curriculum standards to ensure they have the essential and vital components that will enrich our program. The implementation of a daily Bible curriculum with the Creative Curriculum and the handwriting curriculum gives our children the tools and readiness for success in their schooling careers.

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The Gilead Christian Early Childhood Center is open 5 days a week and is in operation during the school year. The Infant/Toddler Center is open 5 days a week all year long. It is sponsored by the Gilead Friends Church as an interdenominational service. It is a member of The Association of Christian Schools International. The Early Childhood Center is just the first segment of Gilead Christian School and is located at the Gilead Friends Church, 4863 US 42, Mt. Gilead, Ohio. Grades K-6 are held at the elementary building and grades 7-12 are held at Gilead Friends Church.


The Early Childhood Center is fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. The license is posted near the administrator’s office at the preschool. The law and rules are available at the center. The center’s licensing record, including compliance report forms and evaluation forms from the health, building, and fire departments, are available upon request from the department.