GCS Testimonials

GCS instills heart of Christ

We have chosen GCS to ensure the 35 hours a week our kids are being guided, cared for and educated by others is done in a like minded family atmosphere, celebrating and instilling the heart of Christ in all things. - Anonymous

Changed my life!

Gilead Christian really has changed my life as a student. The teachers are so loving. I have made so many friends there. - Student Review as seen on Great Schools

Children in safe environment

My children are in a safe environment where they are protected from many of the things public schools have to be tolerant of while most importantly receiving a Christian, Bible-based education. - Anonymous

Has wonderful caring teachers!

I am a parent and as well as a staff member. Gilead Christian is a wonderful, loving, caring environment with wonderful, loving, caring teachers. I am proud to say I work here and my children attend here.- Parent Review as seen on Great Schools

Love small classes

We love the small classes, the God-centered environment, and knowing that our children are loved and prayed for by their teachers. - Anonymous

Where God wants us to be

My daughter was being bullied by her teacher. Prior to this we were on the fence about GCS. That just pushed us right over. We left the decision to God and this is the way He wanted us to go. We are so happy that we did. - Anonymous

Love the special attention

The special attention and close communication with parents and the caring staff. - Anonymous

Godly atmosphere

It is critical to our life purpose to raise our children with God fearing values. My kids spend almost as much time with GCS as they do at home. Therefore it is very important to us to know that our kids are in an environment where godliness is front and center so that Christ-like behavior is reinforced and expected. - Anonymous

Everyone feels like family

GCS is a place where everyone feels like family. Faculty and staff strive to provide a nurturing environment where students can learn and grow academically and spiritually. - Parent Review as seen on Niche

True compassion for students

I see true compassion and concern for my daughter's education, well-being, and spiritual growth. Where else would an entire school pray for her and our family? We are blessed by GCS! - Anonymous

Blessed by GCS!

I see true compassion and concern for my daughter's education, well-being, and spiritual growth. Where else would an entire school pray for her and our family? We are blessed by GCS! - Anonymous

My kids are loved

My kids are loved and they are taught how to love. - Anonymous

Free choice for Christian foundation

The freedom of choice to allow a Christian foundation for my child is priceless. Positive staff teaching my child faith, hope and love provides me the security I need to be a working single mom. My heart is at peace knowing the love, care and education my child receives every day! - Anonymous

My kids are loved!

... because I know my kids are loved. - Anonymous

Biblical teaching

Biblical teaching and supportive, loving Christian atmosphere. Proverbs 22:6 comes to mind.....Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it. - Anonymous

Staff prays over students

I LOVE that the staff is praying over the students each morning! - GCS Family

Chosen for attention towards children

We chose GCS not only for the Christian-based curriculum, but also for the attention and care given to our children from the wonderful staff. - GCS Family

Cares for the well-being of children

I constantly tell everyone that everyone in the entire building cares about the well-being of my son. - GCS Family

Many reasons why we love GCS

  1. To learn His word
  2. Safe nurturing environment
  3. Wonderful caring teachers

My top 3. But there are so many reasons GCS is the best. - GCS Family

GCS is the village

"It takes a village to raise a child” is an old saying that I hold very dear - it’s not something that’s feasible or desired in public school as I see it – But I feel that Gilead Christian is the village they speak of – I very much appreciate the help. - GCS Family

Jesus lives at GCS!

I can't choose any other reason to better honor the Lord than to give my most precious gift, my children, a way of knowing Him before anyone or anything else! Jesus lives at GCS!” “We chose GCS because my son is not a number in a classroom, he's a part of the school family and like us, the school wants to see him succeed and are willing to do whatever it takes to help him with that. - GCS Family

Good opportunity for kids

I grew up in a Christian home, and went to GCS. This is a good opportunity for my kids, and I will keep them there as long as God provides funds. That being said one sentence would be- because it is a set of parents and teachers that give a hoot!! - GCS Family

Sets the foundation

Christian Education for our children sets the foundation for the rest of their lives. - GCS Family

Small class sizes

“I choose GCS for my son, because of the small class size, the teachers truly love the kids, the kids have more respect for each other than in a public school, and that they learn how to be good Christians. - GCS Family

Teaches in Christian love

We believe firmly in Christian education. We want our children to be educated on basic classes wrapped in Christian love and atmosphere. We want them to hear and express Biblical values on a daily basis and with the freedom to do so. - GCS Family

Christ centered education

Christ centered education. - GCS Family

Wonderful group of children

I wanted to write to you about an event that took place this weekend at the track meet in Bucyrus. My mother-in-law was in the stands and collapsed. 911 was called and while we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive, my wife took our children out of the stands so that they would not have to watch everything going on. All of them were crying and very upset. We have five children and she very clearly had her hands full. That was when the amazing thing happened, an adult from your school (I have no idea if they were a staff member or just a parent) approached my wife and asked if they could help in any way. My wife was still not doing very well herself, the adult went over to the team tent for your school and a large crowd of your students came over and asked if they could help and if they could pray with my wife and children. My wife was truly impressed by what happened next, your students made a circle around them and a student began to lead them all in prayer. They were extremely helpful in the situation and did more for my children than I can possibly describe.

I would like to thank all of the students, staff, and parents that were at the track meet this weekend. I wanted to let you know all this because I know that often we hear nothing about kids but the negative things and I know that you probably only hear from parents about your students if there is a problem. I wanted to let you know that your middle school track team is made up of a wonderful group of children.

Thank you
-From a Parent at the Bucyrus Jr. High Track Invitational

Teachers love the Lord

Teachers and staff who love the Lord. - GCS Family

Godly atmosphere

We wanted a Godly atmosphere for the formative years of our child's life. Truth, Freedom, Christ centered, valor, love. - GCS Family

Appreciate Christian atmosphere

I appreciate the Christian atmosphere and curriculum. Public schools are not teaching morals.- GCS Family

Wonderful teachers and staff

We love the wonderful teachers and staff at GCS, and we are not in favor of the public education system.- GCS Family

Children feel more secure

I choose GCS over public school because my children feel more secure and confident among the students here than the students in public school. - GCS Family

Gospel is infused throughout the curriculum

The Gospel; growing in our Students reflected from our staff Infused in our curriculum the purpose of our Sports, Music and arts The Gospel- GCS Family

Child is in a safe and nurturing environment

I know my child would be in a safe nurturing environment with caring professionals who love God and can share that with the children who attend GCS!!!!!! How’s that! And that’s the TRUTH!!!! - GCS Family

At peace child is being taught in loving Christian atmosphere

Only one lol!!! I choose to send my child to Gilead Christian School so that I have peace in knowing my child is being taught in a loving Christian way that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the way the truth and the life. At GCS I do not worry about my child being bullied, made fun of, and treated badly. I do not worry of them hearing off colored jokes or bad words or being encouraged to follow a path that is not Christ-like. My child sings songs of Jesus and is genuinely engaged in the bible. My child came home and told me in Isaiah it is told the earth is round, here I thought it was Columbus. In my opinion as a parent there is nothing better that you can do for your child than send them to GCS or a like-minded Christian school. I wish I had such clear direction when I was little. - GCS Family

Caring teachers

Having the Lord in your life, smaller classes, and kid to teacher ratio. The caring teachers. - GCS Family

Friendly environment with small class sizes

The environment is friendly and the class size is small, therefore, the teachers know all of the students in the building.- GCS Family

Welcoming environment

The welcoming environment..- GCS Family

Love the wonderful teachers and staff

We love the wonderful teachers and staff at GCS, and we are not in favor of the public education system. - GCS Family

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